Endangered Species has been Cyprus's trusted professional piercing studio since 1993. Our two body piercers have over 30 years combined piercing experience so you can be confident in the knowledge that your piercing will be quick accurate and safe.

We have one male piercer and one female piercer who provide high quality piercings and expertise in a safe, clean and enjoyable environment.


ID is to be provided for all piercings, and a parent is required to be present for those under 16 years of age.  

Price List

Ear Lobe: 20€

Upper Lobe: 20€

Helix : 30€

Industrial: 50€

Tragus: 40€

Rook: 40€

Snug: 40€

Daith: 60€

Rook: 40€

Navel: 40€

Nose: 30€

Septum: 50€

Eyebrow: 30€

Lip: 40€

Tongue: 50€

Nipple: 50€  (18+ only)

Genitals: *To be advised individually (18+ only)

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